Case Studies

SiSaf is a commercial-stage drug courier company who pioneered their technology to enhance the effectiveness of currently developed drugs. Their tailored delivery system of approved drugs is exceptional in safety and flexibility.

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert. SiSaf have three R&D labs and offices in London, Belfast and Dallas.

IanTECH provides a innovative technological solution for cataract surgery and is set to disrupt how its performed around the globe, including in the developing countries.

Predecessor technology which was developed in the 1960s is currently fundamental for modern day cataract surgeries. Their aim is to penetrate the market for one of the most commonly performed surgeries which is dominated by a small group of large manufacturers.

Since then IanTECH has been acquired by ZEISS:

Adverttu, LTD. is providing a mediating digital platform which offers innovative B2B advertisement services as it challenges the offline campaign difficulties, while indirectly offering income to its B2C clients.

A pioneering advance in the offline market segment matches advertising campaigns to drivers who meet the campaign target criteria.

BayBridgeDigital is an independent software vendor and a consulting partner of SalesForce which is a leading customer relationship management, cloud-based software company.

The company builds digital products and help envision digital transformation. The services on offer are strategic advisory, digital strategy advisory & roadmap and digital marketing.

Shift is a platform that enables consumers and businesses to move anything, anywhere at the exact time that they want & at disrupter level prices, while Shift makes an enormous industry defining margin.

Achieved by compensating independent & fleet drivers with pre-existing routes for their deviation / additional time to fulfil a collection & drop off, programmatically decided at scale.

Caravelle Capital is an alternative asset management firm that seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by opportunistically investing in short-term financing products with expected yields ranging from the low-teens to mid-twenties.

Datalyse was created for businesses both small and large to have the solutions without having to use multiple providers and applications. Such as CRM systems, telephony and automation. The CRM management system was developed to ensure that businesses had the tools in place to engage with their sales teams and in turn the sales teams provide the best service through up to date technology to customers.